The stink.

July 14, 2010

Who wears perfume to the gym?!
If my trainer wore cologne, I’d have to stop training with him. Seriously. My nostrils start to hurt after awhile!

I have a huge nose.
And it works.
I can smell if someone has doggy-doo on the bottom of their shoe from across the gym.
I have actually turned down a client because he stunk so terribly. Like an old ham & cheese sandwich.

In my book there is nothing worse than being accosted by odors in the gym. At O’ Dark Thirty in the morning the last thing I want to smell is your craggly breath. Brush those teeth! At the very least, pop in some gum!

I love the dude who takes over the entire 1000+ square foot room with his unwashed-but-worn-a-second-or-third-time gym clothes (THE WORST!). Reminds me of an empty subway car…it’s too good to be true.
And I’M the rude one for asking him to shower?! Can’t he smell himself?!!

I get that there are some physical conditions that can make a person’s sweat smell like ammonia or worse. Some of them are:

  • certain medications
  • kidney problems
  • dehydration
  • onset of diabetes
  • starvation diets

But most of the time it comes down to personal hygiene. Chronic body odor should be treated by a doctor.

Or just do laundry.


One Response to “The stink.”

  1. Enjoying the little tips your giving on your blog! Amy

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