August 2, 2010

I like going to the movies.
When I do, I order popcorn. It’s my treat, my vice, my salt lick.
Ironically, I saw the movie Salt today.
(Jolie is amazing, the movie, “meh”.)
In my small popcorn, there were 225 calories, of which, 105 were from fat. I consumed 150 milligrams of sodium and 26 grams of carbs.
I guess I should reconsider my snack at the movies.
Consider the following alternatives for mindless movie snacking:

  • 1 apple cut into slices dipped into 1T peanut butter
  • sliced bell pepper with 2T hummus
  • small bag of popchips
  • 1/2 cup trail mix with m&m’s mixed in
  • LaraBar
  • 1T almond butter with 2 graham crackers

Much better bang for your buck, don’t you think? I should practice what I preach!!


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