The Women’s Locker Room

August 14, 2010

Come on, ladies.
Wrap it in a towel. Or at least put on your skivvies…
You see, I don’t need to see all that I see in the locker room.
Do you REALLY need to lotion on your ankles naked, especially when I’m standing inches behind you trying to get my things?!
How about blow-drying your privates? Yup, seen it.
I know you might be comfortable with your naked body, but I’m not.
And cell phones. They have cameras. Put yours away.
It’s not necessary, either, to carry on a conversation about how you’re ovulating or not. It’s not my business and I don’t want to know.
If your hair smells badly when you blow-dry it, it’s pretty obvious you didn’t wash it and we all smell it. It stinks!
Perfume doesn’t belong in the locker room. Maybe it smells good to you but to me it’s a sneeze attack waiting to happen.
Let’s clean up our act and leave no trace.
Mentally or physically.


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