A vicious cycle

October 7, 2010

I have amazing clients…they inspire me every day. Even though I’ve been doing this for years, I learn so many things each week from everyone in my life.

I’d like to share a story about a client we’ll call “Penny”. She has been trying to lose weight ever since we met 5 years ago and we have seriously tried everything. We worked out with a heart rate monitor, we boxed. We took up running and quit drinking. She kept a food log for me and truly tried her hardest.

After countless doctor appointments (including visits to an endocrinologist), thyroid checks, visits to Canyon Ranch and sleep studies, we were both so frustrated we’d cry together. The weight wouldn’t budge. And believe me, I am emotionally invested in this peach. If you knew her, you’d be too. She is really, really cool.

Then. A few months ago, the weight started coming off. A pound per week. Slow and steady. She has lost TEN POUNDS so far!!!!!!!! I am overjoyed!

I asked Penny if she could explain to me exactly how this happened…was it Soul Cycle, the new amped-up spinning craze? How about our decision to lift really, really heavy weights? Could it be that she started seeing a dietitian? Was she getting more sleep? Did her schedule suddenly lighten up giving her less life stress?

All of the above, it turns out. In fact, Penny pointed out that the biggest change was consistency and balance. She became more relaxed about eating, achieved a better work/life balance, developed an addiction to spin classes and in turn, her emotional state has evened out.

My lesson is this: sometimes, obsessing about losing weight becomes the problem. A vicious cycle of disappointing weigh-ins lead to stress lead to self-sabotage which lead to weight gain. And so on.

Go Penny! I am so so so proud, happy, and ecstatic!


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