My Season Is Party-Proof!

November 1, 2010

With Thanksgiving behind and the Christmas/New Year’s holidays ahead, ’tis the season for parties galore!  I have at least one party planned every week, a fun girls’ weekend trip and a few shows to attend before January.  I also have a fitness photo-shoot coming up and need to look (and feel) amazing!!

How on earth will I do it all and still have fun?

For me, it takes a village.  Thanks to my dietitian Samantha Lynch, I will follow her staunch advice:

  • Plan meals and snacks ahead of time: never attend an event hungry
  • Avoid drinking empty calories: substitute sparkling water with a splash of cranberry and twist of lime (yum!)
  • Allow for 3 small bites at a party, 2 of them lean protein like tuna tartare or chicken skewers
  • Control portion sizes and eat slowly
  • Water, water, water!  Hydrate!

I’m lucky to also have an amazing trainer: Roderic Rosado.  He advises:

  • Run thrice weekly: 2 short-and-fast (3-mile) runs during the week and one long run (5-6 miles) on weekends
  • Go heavy.  Lift like an Olympian for more muscle recruitment and bang for your buck
  • Take yoga once/week or get a serious stretch in
  • Rest!  Listen to your body-you’ll come back stronger after taking a well-deserved break

Create your own village: seek the help of friends and loved ones.  Keep a food & exercise log and book exercise appointments instead of coffee dates to stay on-track!  Follow the advice above and you’ll be camera-ready too!


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