The sun is always shining…even if it isn’t.

January 19, 2011

These blustery, dreary, winter days are tough on the body.  My hair is brittle, my skin has dry patches, red blotches and is itchy-scratchy!  My lips crack and peel every other week, I swear!  I should buy stock in Burt’s Bees or Kiehl’s!

In the summer months when the sun is beating down, I wear moisturizer with SPF…but these winter months it hardly seems necessary — the sun is never out!  I run, walk and am outside almost every day but don’t even think of applying SPF.  And water?  I’m not sweating nearly as much (or so it feels, anyway)!

However, it turns out that harmful UV rays penetrate the skin year-round.  Additionally, the dehydration is accelerated in cold weather because the air we breathe is dryer.

My advice?  Aim for a minimum of 15 SPF on all areas of exposed skin, including lips, hands and nose.  If you’re waking up more tired than usual with more aches and pains and calf cramps a few additional glasses of water may be just what the doctor ordered.  And that skin?  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Morning, noon and night!  Who needs all those hangnails and sandpaper lips, anyway?!


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