Rock your body. Proudly.

March 10, 2011

As a trainer, the pressure to look the part can be overwhelming. Many close to me know that I have never been stick thin, never will be and have no desire to try achieve something that just simply would look ridiculous on my frame. Turning curves into muscle is an art I have mastered, and let’s face it: hard bodies are WAAAY awesome. So I rock it whenever I can and show those stick-thin dancer-wanna-bes that booty IS in style, outward strength translates to inner strength and when knee-high boots don’t fit over my calves I put on heels!

Of course the desire to cheat when nobody is looking is always there.  Keep no nonsense in the cupboards:   stick to a menu plan and pack healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day. Every meal, snack and workout is a reflection of who we are on the whole:  make each segment of your life one to be proud of!  Live your truth by syncing your mind and body and be someone you can be proud of. Plan for success and you will succeed.  If you strive for your very best and compare yourself to no one, you will rock the body your momma gave you!

Leading by example has its rewards.  Be an example to your kids, neighbors and friends.  Maybe you, too, will inspire someone to follow suit!



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