What’s your plan?

March 13, 2011

I know I’m deviating from the fitness topic, but I can’t help thinking about what would happen if New York was hit with the devastation that has hit Japan.

It seems like Japan was very well-equipped to deal with such a tragedy:  with so many regular quakes they have strict building codes.  They practice regular evacuation drills and have plans in place for large quakes & tsunamis.  However, we have all seen the magnitude of devastation from such a monstrous calamity and I just can’t help wonder what NYC would look like if hit with a similar disaster.

Now is a good time to look in the mirror at our own lives.  How fit is your emergency plan?  Have you packed an emergency supply kit?  How will you get in touch with your loved ones should you become separated?  Do you have a meeting place?  Do you regularly practice drills?  What has your community done to prepare for disasters?  Do you know where your local shelter is?

I hate being an alarmist, but these are things we all need to think about because, hey, you never know.


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