Wedding Tracker: Valli’s Civil Ceremony!

March 28, 2011

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In August, 2008, I met Valli. Her starting weight was 127 lbs. Through the months and years, we’ve built a solid foundation of fitness: by setting attainable goals, Valli has maintained her weight of 112 for many months, bringing her total weight loss to 15 pounds! Looking back, our journey began at precisely the right time: we’ve had 2 1/2 years of getting into phenomenal shape for her big day on May 13th! All those mini-weight loss goals have paid off: it’s been a gradual, easy, and fun journey.

Valli is from Panama, where her wedding will take place. To make a marriage official, local customs warrant that the bride & groom have a civil service followed by a ceremony at the Church. A week ago, Valli and her then-fiance married each other in a small civil ceremony surrounded by their families…does this mean she’s married? What do we call this time between the civil service and the Church wedding?

Valli’s come a long way, baby. Between now and the official wedding, we’re just going to have fun, butt-kicking sessions. But it’s not that serious: this girl has already won. She looks awesome, right?


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