Turn it down?

June 30, 2011

I have a membership at Equinox. As any of my fellow gym-goers may attest, the music is too loud, obnoxious, and intrusive (definitely not my taste). In order to hear the music in my own headset, I have to literally blast it at full volume.

Today, during a particular hardcore kettlebell session, my Pandora Radio was at full volume but I could still hear Sarah McLaughlin’s whiney, annoying hymnal competing with my beat and, therefore my workout. Talk about a buzzkill!

Lately, I’ve felt like everyone around me has been mumbling. The most common word out of my mouth has been, ‘what?’ and, ‘huh?’ My husband has definitely taken notice and has genuine reason for concern: once you damage those eardrums and lose hearing, it may never come back.

Since I march to the beat of my own drum anyway, I’m ditching my headset. Time for earplugs!!!


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