Wedding Tracker: New Low’s, All Good.

July 11, 2011

Wow, right?!  That all happened in 5 months.  Talk about taking charge of life and making some big changes!  Kaylin is definitely a star client!!

I have only met this bride-to-be once.  Since the beginning of February, she has gone from 155# to a new weigh-in low of 136.5#–an 18.5 pound weight loss!  Even though her actual weight loss has seemed to plateau a bit (I’m not mad…are you?!) she is clearly toning up and getting tighter.  Check out these numbers of total inches lost so far:

  • Bust: -2.25”
  • Bicep: -1/2”
  • True Waist: -1”
  • Waist above navel: -3”
  • Hips: -3”
  • Thigh: -1.25”

I have emailed Kaylin a new round of workouts that are the most intense to-date. This regimen includes high-intensity interval training (sprints, power and circuits) that will test her physical limits, but she’ll ride out the summer feeling great! I have instructed her to listen to her body, get extra sleep and continue with a ‘guilt-free’ weekly meal. (Remember those donut cupcakes?)


One Response to “Wedding Tracker: New Low’s, All Good.”

  1. […] along at a slim 136 pounds, 1 pound shy of her 20-pound weight-loss goal.  As you saw from our last Wedding Tracker, she looks great.  In fact, as an onlooker, it seems like she could stop right there. But Kaylin […]

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