Eyes on the prize.

September 4, 2011

That went by a little too fast for me, as usual.  Summer, I mean. My favorite season is usually flush with outdoor activities and I’m never too tough on my clients unless they ask for it: almost everyone is more active during those nice-weather months. Now that September has arrived, it’s time to crack the whip.

As anyone knows, it’s typical to gain a little “winter weight” December through February.  Most people take the “holiday eating” pass and might as well tape the annual feast to their thighs, bingo wings, abs and booty, ’cause that’s exactly where it’s going to lodge…and they’ll spend the next 6 months trying to get rid of it.

Is this you?

Sounds like it’s time to pick a winter sport that will keep you active all season long, like indoor soccer, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or lap-swimming. Now is the time to sign up for these activities, make them habit so when the snow flies, you’re already set up, no excuses.

I’ve already set my goal: we booked a week-long trip to Mexico in January…as IF I’m going to pack on the pounds before hitting the beach! By having something to look forward to, I will stay on-track with my eating and exercise and skip the pecan pie!


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