Knee pain? Workout!

October 1, 2011

After a doctor’s visit, my client (who has been suffering from knee pain for the past month) was diagnosed with bursitis and instructed to avoid lower-body workouts aside from walking for 2 weeks. Since exercise is a part of her daily and weekly routine, she’s going a little stir-crazy as you might imagine: she’s missing out on that daily endorphin high and workout rush! Instead of canceling our training sessions, I designed an upper-body/core cardio-intensive workout that left her red-faced and in need of water breaks, all while following the doctor’s orders. My client can take a beating and has no other injuries.

Even if you don’t suffer from lower-body injuries, this workout is great for toning & strengthening the upper body and works core stability, power and endurance. Try it if you dare!

Skoog’s “Leave-The-Knees-Alone” Workout.

Warm-up: Arm bike, 3 minutes each direction (RPE 6)

Repeat the following 3 circuits 2-3 times w/ 1 minute break between circuits:

hip bridges, 3 seconds at the top, 12X
crunches with knees elevated, 25X
1 pull-up, 1 pushup, 10X

standing 1-arm cable row, 10X
kneeling cable woodchops, 12X each side
kneeling ball smash, 15X

elbow plank, 45seconds
seated dumbbell biceps curl-to-overhead press, 10X
kneeling chest pass, 15X

Cool-down stretch: chest, lats, shoulders, triceps, upper back


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