A little courage goes a long way.

November 4, 2011

Remember those T-Shirts with big red scary letters that spelled, “No Fear” in the early 90’s? They came about in the age of dangerous and extreme sports like pro skateboarding, dirtbike riding and skydiving. This call to face death directly in the face, even embrace it, is so typical of teenage angst. Every generation has it’s call to power…too bad we mellow out in adulthood and that feeling of immortality fades. Fear is crippling and our imaginations play evil tricks on us.

Everyone has fears: the fear of losing a job, the fear for our child’s safety, the fear of burglary, major surgeries and the like. The ‘what-if’s’ of life can be crippling. What we fail to realize time and again, is that bad stuff happens and many of our greatest fears come to fruition. And when they do, we deal with it: we get stronger, learn great lessons and forge ahead much wiser. Life goes on.

Think back to the playground bully. He’s big, he’s mean and he gets what he wants, all the time. Nobody dares to stand up to him and all the children give in to his every command in fear. Of what? This cowardly lion has one defense: lashing out. What if someone finally stood up to him? The facade would come crashing down and we find out he’s just an ordinary little kid with fears just like the rest of us.

The playground bully is alive and well today, in every walk of life. He walks the streets in the form of stalker, groper and rapist. He exists in the office as a power-hungry corporate tool. He is your best friend’s cheating husband. The bully might even be an abusive mother you encounter in the supermarket.

Stand up to these fools. Don’t back down from fear. Dust off your teenage-rebellion armor and go head-to-head against those that aim to harm you, your loved ones or humanity in general. Prove that they’ve messed with the wrong person…and don’t be afraid!  You’re stronger than you think.


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