About Jenny Skoog

Butt-Kickin’ Plain-Speakin’ NYC Fitness Guru

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Jenny has been in the fitness world since 2004 and practices what she preaches. Her move into fitness as a career came from her sheer enjoyment of working out, changing her own body and boosting her own fitness level. She turned her hobby into a career, which makes training with her a truly fantastic experience. She loves what she does.  Chances are, she’s been where you are.

Muay Thai kickboxing, distance running, resistance training, pilates and yoga are all passions of Jenny’s.  She’ll work your passion into a workout regime to make sure you stick to it.  Jenny provides a very personalized service to her clients:  She checks in with them to make sure they’re on point.  Her clients’ success is her success too.  She likes to create goals with her clients as a team and to keep them accountable until they’ve attained it.  She knows that to achieve a successful level of fitness, dedication has to go both ways.  Jenny knows overall fitness goes beyond the gym, beyond sweating, and beyond calorie burning:  It’s a state of mind.

Jenny is certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA), Pre/Postnatal with Annette Lang, Kettlebells with RKC, is a certified Spinning Instructor with Schwinn, and has completed courses on Special Populations, Integrative Flexibility & Self-Myofascial Release.

Visit her website and learn more about SkoogFit here.


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  1. SkoogFit Says:

    Disclaimer: The content of this blog should be considered opinion, not advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regime and, wherever possible, train under the direct supervision of an accredited (preferably insured) fitness professional.

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