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MommyFit by SkoogFit

June 24, 2011

I just had to share the news of this latest offer from yours truly since it expires in 3 days!

Soon-to-be and new mommies get 43% off MommyFit by SkoogFit!

Check out my offer on Gaggle of Chicks to redeem this deal! Also makes a great gift ;).

Jenny Skoog is a New York City-based fitness expert, NASM certified personal trainer, pre/post-natal coach, DONA-International Trained Doula and founder of SkoogFit. She has been featured in Self, Family Circle, and U.S. News and World Report, among other publications. She counts more than 20 pregnant mommies as her trainees. Those who have worked Skoog swear by her: “Jenny isn’t your typical trainer,” says a writer and producer who worked with Skoog. She adds that Jenny “treats me like I’m her only client. She checks in during the week with texts and emails and always finds positives – even in my often negative behavior…most importantly, she’s always been supportive.”

To jump start your fitness regime, our deal offers 43% off a three-pack of fitness training sessions PLUS one free 30 minute consultation and evaluation for pre- and post-natal mommie at home, in the park or at your personal gym. The $299 price tag breaks down to just under $100 a pop—less when you incorporate the free pre- and post- natal consult. (And far less than the original $525 value.)

“Training with Jenny has been the best investment I’ve made in all my life,” said another client. Our hope is that new mothers, mothers-to-be, and busy mommies of all types will love the personal attention and sharp knowledge that Jenny Skoog brings to the table. She cycles her clients into lean, healthy and glowing new mommies, preparing their bodies for the strength and stamina needed for motherhood. In addition to her professional work as a trainer, Skoog has eight siblings and is aunt to some 60 nieces and nephews.

To redeem, first purchase here on Gaggle of Chicks. Instructions will be emailed to you along with proof of purchase.


Seminar June 9, 7pm

May 25, 2011

During my next trip to my homestate of Minnesota, I will be hosting a seminar on staying fit during pregnancy and beyond, focusing on safe exercises during each trimester, how to prepare physically for a natural childbirth and getting the body back post-baby.  I’ll answer fitness questions, lead a mini-workout and hand out some pretty awesome swag from local businesses in the area!

To sign up for this seminar taking place in Cokato, Minnesota, email me at

At just $20/person, space is limited.  Go get it!

Fit Mommy.

May 9, 2011

Every Monday my to-do list is longer than a kid’s wishlist at Christmas.  Today’s list is even longer…more like a greedy spoiled brat’s Christmas list.  Making exercise a priority today was killer, so I called a friend to keep me accountable.  Off we ran, 6 miles in Central Park, taking turns pushing her 10-month-old in a jogging stroller, (me on the uphill, she on the downhill). Central Park has some serious hills, and that baby weighs 23 pounds!

New York City is full of strollers attached to buff mommies.  I used to wonder how they got in shape so fast after giving birth…until today.  If these women are pushing strollers all day long, every day, I see the light.  Carting a baby around is no joke–my shoulders and triceps are fried!

Who knew?!