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MommyFit by SkoogFit

June 24, 2011

I just had to share the news of this latest offer from yours truly since it expires in 3 days!

Soon-to-be and new mommies get 43% off MommyFit by SkoogFit!

Check out my offer on Gaggle of Chicks to redeem this deal! Also makes a great gift ;).

Jenny Skoog is a New York City-based fitness expert, NASM certified personal trainer, pre/post-natal coach, DONA-International Trained Doula and founder of SkoogFit. She has been featured in Self, Family Circle, and U.S. News and World Report, among other publications. She counts more than 20 pregnant mommies as her trainees. Those who have worked Skoog swear by her: “Jenny isn’t your typical trainer,” says a writer and producer who worked with Skoog. She adds that Jenny “treats me like I’m her only client. She checks in during the week with texts and emails and always finds positives – even in my often negative behavior…most importantly, she’s always been supportive.”

To jump start your fitness regime, our deal offers 43% off a three-pack of fitness training sessions PLUS one free 30 minute consultation and evaluation for pre- and post-natal mommie at home, in the park or at your personal gym. The $299 price tag breaks down to just under $100 a pop—less when you incorporate the free pre- and post- natal consult. (And far less than the original $525 value.)

“Training with Jenny has been the best investment I’ve made in all my life,” said another client. Our hope is that new mothers, mothers-to-be, and busy mommies of all types will love the personal attention and sharp knowledge that Jenny Skoog brings to the table. She cycles her clients into lean, healthy and glowing new mommies, preparing their bodies for the strength and stamina needed for motherhood. In addition to her professional work as a trainer, Skoog has eight siblings and is aunt to some 60 nieces and nephews.

To redeem, first purchase here on Gaggle of Chicks. Instructions will be emailed to you along with proof of purchase.


The Warm-Up

May 19, 2011

Before I set out to exert my body, whether it’s a run in the park, a strength routine at the gym, a yoga class, boxing or conditioning, I need to get the juices flowing and energy pumping through my body.  This is when I mentally prepare for the physical demands I’m about to put on myself and I want it to be a stimulating eperience.  It’s a great time for me to visualize the exercises I’m about to do and psyche myself up for the workout, connecting my mental and physical self.

A proper warmup increases blood flow to the joints, ligaments and tendons, which helps them to get ready to endure the stress of an exercise program by being more elastic and pliable. Warming up elevates body temperature and helps fire up the neuromuscular system, preparing for movements along various planes and angles.

A traditional warmup consists of a treadmill, bicycle or elliptical machine for five minutes before any type of workout.  Is that 5 boring minutes necessary?  Maybe, and maybe not!   If my strength-training client walks in at 6pm and he has been active throughout the day, perhaps a better warm-up might be some light calisthenics instead, such as pushups, body-weight squats in proper form with some core activation exercises.  However, if it’s 5:30am and my client just rolled out of bed, that 5 minutes might be 8 minutes followed by a full-body warmup and, finally the actual workout.

The best warmup in my book is something specific to the workout set before me. For instance, if I’m about to run 8 miles, I will do a series of dynamic stretches for my lower body to prepare for the run.  What I’m trying to say, is a warm up of various movement patterns along different planes of motion is perhaps be a better choice than slouching for 5 minutes on a bike watching TV.

Think about your exercise program and put some thought into your warmup to make it specific (and fun) to the workout.  Have questions about your warmup technique? Email me–I’d be happy to help!

Last-Minute Fitness

March 26, 2011

I have a fitness photoshoot in, like, a week. Although I haven’t been slacking in my workouts, the intensity hasn’t been where it should be, given that I have to look like a legit trainer on camera.  Time to step it up, PRONTO.

So here’s the million dollar question:  What’s the quickest, safest way to slim down?

Many people say the fastest way to get in shape at the last minute is to do a juice cleanse, but as we know, after a week or so the dieter gains all 3 pounds back and then some…it’s just not worth killing the metabolism for 3-5 pounds!

As a trainer with more than 6 years’ experience, the tried-and-true fastest method to healthy, permanent weight loss is:
  • Clean up the diet.  I’m talkin’ about eating clean, whole, plant-based foods…and avoid inflammatory foods, like animal products (steak, cheese, etc.) and be nit-picky on portions.
  • Increase water intake to flush out the crap from your system. Literally. Add lemon for added cleansing.
  • Green tea helps.  I drink a cup each day.
  • Make yourself uncomfortable:  increase workout intensity.  By wearing a heart rate monitor, you’ll know exactly how hard you’re working.  High intensity interval training will give you the best bang for your buck:  Sprints. This workout.   Kickboxing.  Lift HEAVY:  go hard or go home.  Don’t give me this lameness of “but I don’t wanna bulk up” ’cause I’ll kick you in the ribs.
  • Decrease salt intake to reduce water retention.
  • Sleep 8+ hours = sleep burns fat!!
  • Keep stress levels at a minimum or do your best to combat it with yoga.
My week’s workout will look a little something like this:
  • Saturday:  Kickboxing 1hr
  • Sunday: Run Central Park’s 15K (but I have to add 2 miles for my training, so I’ll run to the starting line from my house)
  • Monday: Heavy strength training 45 minutes, yoga 45 minutes
  • Tuesday: High intensity interval training: 10 all-out 1-minute sprints with 1 minute recovery
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes low-intensity cardio, like the elliptical
  • Thursday: Heavy strength training
  • Friday: High-intensity interval training: calisthenics, baby!
  • Saturday: yoga and extra sleep
  • Sunday:  Half Marathon in Central Park and photo shoot in the afternoon.
FYI, I wouldn’t advise this workout for yourself unless you’re in peak condition and have received clearance from your doc.  Just sharing my insanity with you, dear reader.